Supplemental content that will prepare your students for the work world and set them apart from the competition.

Consulting Bootcamp

Prepare graduates for the work world. Train and equip your students with the skills and tools that are used by junior consultants in the health IT industry every day.

Online Modules and Case Studies

The Bootcamp consists of online training videos, toolkits, and case studies that will test the skills and use of toolkit assets found in each module. The modules fit a half-semester timeline and can be completed within 5 weeks.

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Guest Lecture and Casework Feedback

We will come on-site for a guest lecture and provide feedback on case studies. During this session, we will also provide insight into the health IT industry, local job opportunities, and career paths.

(only available in Texas and New York)

Sample Training Video

All the module videos can be loaded into any learning management system. Career Startups also provides the content through its portal at no additional cost.

Video #2: Meeting Preparation and Documentation

Consistent and well-documented notes support the progress and accountability needed for every project.

Proper preparation, including the understanding of roles and responsibilities of each participant, will improve your ability to add value to the meetings you attend.



Project Coordinator Module Videos:

  1. Introduction to Project Coordination Module (Complete)
  2. Meeting Preparation and Documentation (In Progress)
  3. How to Take Notes and Distribute the Final Product
  4. Support the Facilitation of Meetings
  5. Project Coordination Case Study
  6. Communicate Project Coordinator Capabilities in an Interview

Sample Case Study

Each module contains at least one case study for students to experience real work assignments. Feedback on their work will be provided during the guest lecture.

Summary and Expectations

A Director in the Finance department of a small health plan is looking for volume and dollar trending for reimbursement of a specific DRG.

In this case study, you are provided a data extract that needs to be analyzed. The final deliverable you are responsible for creating includes a slide that illustrates any findings that can be derived from the data.

  1. Conduct preparatory research and review email threads (below video)
  2. Analyze the data extract provided by the data analyst
  3. Put together a slide that illustrates the ongoing trends of this DRG over the past few years
  • Download the Data Extract (not available in preview)
  • PowerPoint Template (not available in preview)

Before starting the case study there are a few things that you need to do some research on. Spend some time searching the internet to find answers to the following questions

  • What is a DRG?
  • How are severity levels identified within a DRG?
  • What is a line of business?
  • What is a line of business in the context of an insurance company?

The following email threads will provide some additional context and expectations of the final product. Review these attachments prior to starting the assignment

Click here to get the email thread between you and your manager
Click here to get the email thread between you and the data specialist