Our phased approach will address immediate resource gaps and then ease the burden of integrating young talent.

How We Bridge the Gap

1. Support Immediate Needs

We supply management consultants to conduct assessments or support implementations and system integration projects.

2. Build for the Future

We build a full end-to-end solution that will attract, evaluate, and develop young talent specifically for your organization.

Consulting Services

Our consultants are seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience in the industry. It is through our project work that we establish our value and strengthen our long-term relationship.


Evaluate your current environment with IT and operational assessments that will identify gaps, focus priorities, and plan for future needs.

Rapid Project Assessments

full project diagnostics, requirements coverage analysis, project gaps and recovery plan

Quality Assurance (QA)

QA organization, strategy and planning, test preparation and execution, defect management, environments, testing tools, metrics and reporting, knowledge management

Implementations & System Integration

Drive projects from requirements planning to deployment with our experienced consultants and system integration specialists.

All our consultants are able to perform and manage the below functions on large-scale implementations and system integration projects.


Project Management

planning, executing, monitoring and control, closing

Solution Definition and Design

current-state definition, future-state review, gap analysis, conceptual models, data flows, business requirements, functional specifications, operational workflows, user stories

Quality Assurance

test planning, requirements coverage analysis, test scenario and test case development, test execution and results review, defect management

Environment Management

release planning, code migration strategy, test data management, environmental controls, pre and post go-live path to production

Deployment Management

operational readiness, go-live command center and issue resolution, project to operations transition

Training & Development

Build assets around your methodologies and best practices. Integrate these components into repeatable onboarding and training processes.

Management Support and Coaching

on-project guidance, process improvement and standardization, project template development, best practices reinforcement

Young Talent Integration

recruitment and selection, internship program development, entry-level training and evaluation

Training Content and Media

training videos, job aids, project toolkits

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Internship Program Management Support and Training

Associate Development

Our end-to-end solution will build a customized development program from start to finish. It will also be designed, developed, and managed while our consultants deliver on projects.

Program Benefits

Low-Risk Approach: These programs are a low-risk testing ground for utilizing entry-level associates. It’s an extended period of evaluation with no obligation to hire.

Relieves Management Burden: Our consultants develop all the assets and manage associates on their active projects. Your managers are able to adjust their involvement based on their workload and availability.

Repeatable and Reusable: Deliverables can be reused for general onboarding of new employees and the deployment of future programs.

Our Point of View

Title: Avoiding Young Talent is a Mistake

Summary: Talent gaps will always emerge. Without a constant flow of upward talent, the solution is often cycles of dependence on high-cost consultants and contractors. As the war on talent rages on, companies with sustainable success will figure out how to leverage young talent in their organizations.

Article Attachments:

  • Sample Responsibilities for Each Type of Internship
  • High-Level Internship Timeline
  • Internship Phases and Deliverables
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Title: A Phased Approach to Entry-Level Integration

Summary: The cost of avoiding young talent is too high to neglect, but it doesn’t mean you must start hiring immediately. The path to integrating a new resource can be done incrementally. Launching an internship program is one of the best ways to begin.

Article Attachments:

  • Sample Responsibilities for Each Type of Internship
  • High-Level Internship Timeline
  • Internship Phases and Deliverables
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Title: Structuring a Development Model

Summary: A development model guides new associates through a system of training, equipping, and integration that accelerates their ability to add value. There are typically three main drivers to leverage within the initial stages of development. There are many ways to arrange these, but three reoccurring methods dominate the market today.

Article Attachments:

  • Academy Style Sample
  • Task-Based Development Sample
  • Free-Form Development Sample
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Title: Associate Trajectory and Expectations

Summary: Maximize results by adapting your management approach to the confidence level of entry-level associates. The level of support they need and the responsibility they can take on should progress with each stage of their early development.

Article Attachments:

  • Progression Timeline and Progression Markers
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Title: Accelerating Development

Summary: One of the biggest reservations of hiring entry-level associates is the amount of work it takes to get a return on investment. The path to returns is different for every associate, but obtaining results comes a lot more quickly when there’s a clear development path in place.

Article Attachments:

  • Progression of Project Coordination Responsibilities
  • Learning Plan Outline for Revenue Cycle Management
  • Video: The Break-Even Point and the Nail Analogy
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Title: Recruitment and Selection

Summary: Strengthen your recruitment by accessing new methods to observe and engage college students. Gather more data points and use our sample interview questions to enhance the selection process.

Article Attachments:

  • Standard Career Center Recruiting Options
  • Sample Approach and Example for In-Class Recruiting
  • Illustrative Alignment of Social Media Plan
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