Elizabeth Marketing Associate

Learn about how Elizabeth is taking on multiple roles as a Marketing Associate in a small company. From press releases to website design, she interacts with the leaders of her company every day and finds new ways to get their message out to the market.


My job is all about generating awareness and communicating our services to the market. I’m the content editor of our newsletter and I also manage and push out our press releases. I’ve put together campaigns, webinars, organized marketing events, and even jumped into Design with our website and marketing collateral. 

My favorite part of my job is running the social media outreach. This has been a great way to reach our customers and get immediate feedback on our products and services. I’ve also had great success reaching out to various industry related news and media outlets to have our company featured in publications such as CIO.com, Outsource Magazine, and IT Business Edge.

My job is also about building relationships. I work regularly with journalists and it’s important to develop a good rapport with the people within the news industry. Internally, we outsource different aspects of our website development and maintenance. I help manage that relationship and I’m always trying to find new ways to leverage our offshore partnership. 

I work for a small company so I’m putting on a lot of different hats throughout the day. Where in bigger companies you can specialize a little more, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my skills in a wide variety of things inside and outside my field.



I would say keeping an open mind has been a great motto to follow. I’ve had to teach myself a lot of new things from design to SEO. Always be willing to learn a new skill and don’t be afraid of challenges.

I also think as a younger associate, it’s important to care about how you put yourself together. I was taught to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This way your dress reflects your attitude and it’s just better to start the day off right looking polished and professional. 



Throughout my life, I’ve always had something I’m working towards. Especially at the stage in our careers, the things we’re working on now are stepping stones to our next career move. 

I always lean towards projects that require more creativity. I definitely want to stay in advertising and marketing, but I’m not sure if I want to go down the management path just yet. The skills I’m developing I can really transfer to any industry. I’m not sure exactly what’s ahead of me, but being inspired and passionate about my work is a must. 



7:00 AM – Wake up and hit snooze

7:30 AM – Out of bed and getting ready for work

8:45 AM – Get into the office, grab some coffee and eat my fruit breakfast!

9:15 AM – Check my email and make sure I’m on top of everything for the day. A lot of our consultants work throughout the night so I sometimes have un-expected projects waiting for me in the morning.

10:00 AM – I send out our webinar invite reminders and write a press release based on our marketing strategy for the month

10:30 AM – I put together our newsletter and run through edits several times before shooting it out. I also follow up with a few journalists and try to get interviews lined up for our CEO.

12:00 PM – Lunch, I try to step away from the desk for at least 30 minutes for lunch, but occasionally I eat at my desk while I listen to a webinar or read articles on new marketing techniques.

1:00 PM – We have a webinar coming up in the week so I’ve been putting slides together for our leaders to present. It’s important that I understand the content although I’m not presenting. There’s a lot of iterations of this deck, and I’m continually getting feedback from the speaker.

3:00 PM – Webinar logistics. Making sure that we’re set up with the company that’s providing all the technical aspects of our webinar. We want to collect specific metrics and want to have a good follow-up for our sales team.

4:00 PM – Feeling confident about the webinar, I begin pitching in on odd projects around the office. One of my colleagues is a little swamped on website development and I help jump on a conference call with our third-party website designers to help out. I pick up a few action items and will follow-up with them tomorrow. 

6:00 PM – Out of the office to meet up with friends for happy hour! Although I have a salad ready for me at home, I indulge a little by sharing a plate of sliders at the bar.

8:00 PM – Home. I have my salad dinner, try to get to the gym (I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon coming up in just 10 weeks! EEK)  watch some tv, and cap off the night with a good book. I’m currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

12:00 AM – Lights out!

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