Susan Quality Assurance Analyst

The systems implemented in healthcare organizations go through a rigorous process of testing. Find out how this process functions on a day-t0-day basis with the Quality Assurance team.


Our team is responsible for ensuring that any changes to our existing suite of IT systems function properly before being released to the business to use. The systems in our company are built to fit regulation, drive operational processes, and fulfill business needs. Our job is to understand how everything functions together and perform a series of testing activities to validate everything continues to work properly as part of the implementation process.



I’m gaining a lot of experience in how technology and operations work together in healthcare. As part of Quality Assurance, I have to gain an understanding of the front-end process flows as well as the technical components behind them. It’s really giving me a holistic view of the IT organization and the impacts to the clinical/operational side of the house.



7:00 AM – I wake up and have a healthy breakfast to kick the day off!

8:00 AM – I’m usually heading to work at this time and dealing with the normal hustle and bustle of the daily commuters heading into the city.

8:45 AM – Depending on the morning commute, I usually get to work a little early and hang out with some co-workers before getting the day started. I’ll log in and check my emails to see if there was anything from our off-shore partners that have been discovered overnight that I need to address during the day. We have a testing team in India that works during our nighttime so we have 24-hour coverage of our tasks.

9:00 AM – I join our first scrum meeting and participate in the discussions around what priorities we have for the next sprint. I take notes on some of the new code and configuration deployments that will be moving into the test environment. 

9:30 AM – I start executing my test cases and document any defects that I find. We use a tool that helps us track our testing progress and any defects that need to be routed back to our developers. I’m pretty thorough and conduct some out-of-the-box scenarios to really push the limitations of the application we’re testing. 

11:00 AM – I take a break from testing and join a call with the developers and the project manager. This is one of the defect management calls I attend during the week to provide updates and explain any issues I’ve found with the application that are aging. To make sure we get all the functionality ready for the next sprint, I have to keep an eye on all the defects and whether or not they’re getting resolved in a timely manner.

12:00 PM – I head down to the cafeteria for lunch. I meet up with a business analyst and learn more about their role and responsibilities. I’m interested in getting some experience in that part of the process and she agrees to set up some time with her manager about upcoming opportunities.

1:00 PM – I join a training class on some new technology that will be implemented in one of the operational departments next year. I’ve been selected to be part of the testing team, and we’ll need to understand this new technology to test it appropriately.

2:00 PM – I join a separate call with a few developers to flush out the details on some of my defects. They don’t understand the use cases as well as I do and want to make sure they are coding correctly.

3:00 PM – Another Business Analyst stops by my desk and we talk through some of the requirements he’s documenting around the new technology that’s being implemented. We strategize on the best way to test out these requirements and what test data we’ll need when the time comes.

4:00 PM – I spend the rest of the day drafting test cases for the new project. I should be able to delegate some of these tests to the off-shore team in India to ease up the testing burden on the local team. We often have to support issues in production that take us off our project work. Delegating our project work to the off-shore team has helped us stay on track when things get really busy during regular business hours.

5:00 PM – I head out and straight to the gym to work out. There’s a half marathon I’m getting ready for, and I need to make sure I stay on track with my training!

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