Mike Business Analyst

Resources are needed to ensure IT improvements are defined and communicated. Explore the daily tasks that bridge the gap between the operational teams requesting changes and the IT teams looking to make them a reality.


I see myself as the bridge between the operations team and our IT team. My job is to work with our operational partners and determine what improvements can be made to our existing technology and turn these items into requirements for the IT teams to make into reality.


Everyone thinks differently. As a bridge between a non-technical team and a highly technical team, I’m constantly using analogies and explaining things in different ways to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s a difficult skill, but something that’s very important in my role.

I’m also learning to be incredibly detail oriented. The more details that I capture (no matter how minute) usually leads to a better final product once my requirements get passed from through all the different development teams working on the project.



8:00 AM – I live fairly close to the office so I usually drive to work and stop by my favorite coffee shop and pick up a small cup to go around this time.

8:30 AM – I get to the office and head straight to the conference room to set up for my first meeting. I’m leading a requirements gathering session and want to have a few process flows up on the screen to walk through with the team before they arrive. I briefly check email on my laptop as I wait for people to start trickling in for the meeting.

9:00 AM – I kick-off the meeting and validate all the new changes to the process flow that will be implemented by the operations team by the next quarter. I map out all the applications and system impacted by these changes as we talk through each step of the new process. I had sent these documents in advance and all the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have had time to review and provide great feedback. I love it when our SMEs are engaged and participate as owners of their areas!

10:30 AM – Although it was supposed to be a two-hour meeting, we’re able to end early. I head back to my desk and debrief with the project manager. We compare notes for the meeting and work on when we should follow-up with the group when I’m done drafting the next set of requirements. Based on the feedback, I’ll need to connect with a few other IT resources to finalize the new requirements.

11:00 AM – I take an early lunch and head out with some other BAs to a new BBQ joint that opened up a couple blocks away. 

12:00 PM – I get back to work on the updated requirements. I realize there are a few gaps in the process that I need to reach out to a specialist for. I also want to validate a few assumptions with other IT owners of the application based on the new process tasks I learned about in the morning.

2:00 PM – I take a break and catch up with a Senior Business Analyst over some coffee. He tells me about an upcoming project that he would like me to help out on. It’ll be a large-scale project that will likely take a couple years to implement. They’re putting together some of the top BAs on this and he wants me on the team!

2:30 PM – I join a quick call with a Reports Specialist. The new processes I learned about this morning may impact some of the operational reports. I just need to make sure all the data elements they need is not overlooked as I finalize my requirements.

3:00 PM – I log into the system and perform some of my own testing of an application that is going live in two weeks. I circle back with the testing team to make sure they’re covering all the scenarios I believe are needed.

4:00 PM – I join a working session with a database team to map out all the needed test data for the project. I walk through some of my use cases and they expand on them with the knowledge they have of most common data used. The conversation with the Reports Specialist really help narrow down our discussion. I’m glad he was available to chat earlier!

5:00 PM – The day starts to wind down. Our group is heading out to celebrate a birthday at the local watering hole. I head out to the happy hour once I finish up a few emails I’ve been meaning to send out all day.

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