A Balanced Development Model

We build a foundation for interns to be successful. Our development model guides these new associates through a system of training, equipping, and integration that accelerates their ability to add value.

We follow a 70/20/10 model that is an industry standard for learning and development.

Formal Training: Our formal training starts with four core modules centered around entry-level skillsets related to Project Coordinators, Quality Assurance Analysts, Business Analysts, and Reports Analysts. This lays a foundation for skills and assets that can be used immediately on IT projects.

From there, we integrate training around your organization’s technology and business processes based on the projects they will be assigned.

Learning Through Others: During the planning phase, we will work with your teams to determine the appropriate list of mentors and coaches that will engage with the associates throughout the internship. The program will schedule the initial meetings with company resources. Associates will be encouraged to seek out and develop their own network as the internship progresses.

The Program Administrator will continually document and consolidate feedback from mentors/coaches throughout the program. This will include the direct, work-related feedback and indirect, social observations.

On-The-Job Experiences: There are numerous opportunities to leverage interns. Proper guidance and oversight can lead to meaningful work assignments that add immediate value to your organization.

During the program, associates will participate and directly contribute to projects as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Low-risk projects and assignments will be selected with oversight from both Career Startups and company resources.

This will include individual and group assignments for associates to showcase their capabilities.

On-the-job training is one of the most important aspects of development and where many companies fall short. This is the differentiator of Career Startups. As experienced consultants, we are able to manage and coach interns directly on the projects we are responsible to deliver on.

We’re not just trainers. We’re experienced professionals that are capable of integrating young talent into our teams. As we deliver on projects, we gain insight into your people, process, and technology. We then pass on this knowledge as we integrate interns into our work groups.

The way we execute this model eases the burden from your own management staff, accelerates development, and provides a low-risk solution to properly evaluate candidates.

DLA Balanced Development Model